Waste Treatment and Storage

Chemical-physical and biological treatment of civil and industrial wastewater

At our plant in San Vitaliano (NA), we process liquid and sludge waste, suitable for the purification of wastewater coming from the most diverse civil and industrial activities.
Thanks to the latest revamp and the investment plan, implemented by the company, the facility undoubtedly represents a reality of excellence and of cutting-edge technology at national and European level. Waste unloading, treatment, and storage sections have been adapted to the BAT, to guarantee a high-quality service, and in compliance with all the reference standards.

Given the lack of similar facilities in the area, our structure allows us to ensure the costumer shorter travel time, which means lower cost, it guarantees prompt interventions, and also the reduction of environmental risks linked to waste handling.

The plant is mainly composed of a process line dedicated to chemical-physical and biological treatment of liquid waste of industrial and civil origin, and of a second line for sludge stabilization-solidification process.

The process line involving liquid waste is made up of different treatment and storage sections, including specific storage systems for different types of waste. An activated carbon biofiltration section and an evaporation-concentration unit.

The available operational units are interconnected in multiple ways, to create many different process flows, useful to dealing with an extremely heterogeneous activity.

In fact, the raw material fed to process, industrial and biological waste, generally have a very different chemical-physical characteristics. Therefore, depending on their properties an ad hoc purification cycle is planned, which can involve from one to all the units part of the facility.

Storage of Hazardous and Non-hazardous Waste

Our company manages its on plant for waste storage, certified for almost all hazardous and non-hazardous special waste. We are equipped to accommodate various types of solid and liquid waste, sorted and well identified, and equipped with a set of different containers for the waste very nature.

Liquid waste is stored in tanks with different characteristic in relation to the specificity of the liquid itself.

Analysis and Research

B.Energy S.p.A. has an internal laboratory, equipped with modern tools, used for compliance checks on incoming wastewater. It is used for treatment tests on each waste managed, necessary to identify the most suitable processing cycle, and for monitoring the pollutant emission in the effluent.

Furthermore, this structure allows research on developing the methodologies, aimed at minimizing energy consumption and the environmental impact of each process.

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