Environmental Remediation

Environmental Remediation

B.Energy S.p.A. has been working for years in the environmental remediation field. It can offer the following services:

Building and industrial reclamation of material containing asbestos
Reclamation and environmental restoration of polluted sites
  • Emergency environmental intervention in case of petroleum and chemical pollution
  • Reclamation of soil, subsoil and groundwater contaminated by oil (hydrocarbon), chemicals and hazardous waste
Decommissioning of industrial plants and strip-out activities
Demolition and reclamation of abandoned areas and illegal landfills containing hazardous waste
Removal and disposal of waste found in decommissioned and abandoned areas
Dismantling, removal, transport, temporary storage, analysis on a regulated platform, treatment and subsequent definitive disposal by incineration of hazardous waste, in particular mineral oil with PCB (Policrobiphenyl) and/or PCT additives (Akarel, Apirolio, Clophen, Pyralene) in high concentration and their containers, bins and attached contaminated materials
Dismantling, removal, transport, treatment, analysis on a regulated platform and then disposal of medium-voltage switchgear with low oil volume and power factor correction capacitors
Cleaning service of metal and plastic tanks for fuel storage, disposal and emptying out of solid sludge, with possible removal, transport and recovery of decommissioned tanks
Disassembly of batteries and accumulators with parts recovery and storage in abandoned areas

All the activities, due to the risks related to them, follow a well-defined process focused, above all, on carrying out the job safely. B.Energy S.p.A. can offer a first-rate service throughout the country, paying special attention to Materials containing Asbestos, both solid and brittle in nature. Asbestos remediation is carried out in compliance with all current regulations. We protect workers and environment with all the certifications issued by the Supervisory Bodies, following the analytical investigations made by certified state organizations. The remediation and removal of material containing asbestos begin with an accurate mapping and sampling investigations, through which we proceed with the preparation of the Work Plan. The work plan then is presented and notified to local Healthcare Companies and to Regional Environmental Protection Agencies, all in complete autonomy.

B.Energy, which has now become a consolidated reality in the field, has a specialized and autonomous staff which is ready in every situation. Our staff, highly trained and qualified, is able to use various aerial working platforms – scaffoldings – pantographs – battlements – excavators and other construction equipment and machines. This competence is indispensable for asbestos remediation operations, since only specific licensed staff can operate in this type of construction site. As required by current legislation for protection of health and safety at the workplace, all personnel employed in these activities are periodically subjected to health surveillance for asbestosis, and included in the company’s exposure registry.

Compact Asbestos Reclamation and Removal

The reclamation and removal operations of construction material containing compact asbestos, known as Eternit, are carried out both in outdoor and indoor environments, for roofs, panels, pipes, flues, downpipes, expansion tanks, tanks, ventilation pipes, flooring vinyl, slots, railway ballast, polyfers and so on.

To carry out these activities, our staff has, among other things, autonomous Decontamination Units, vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA absolute filters and disposable clothing.

During operations, environmental samplers are used to evaluate any dispersion of fibres, which certify, even at the end of the reclamation, the healthiness of the working environment. All operations are carried out using first choice products and instruments, accompanied by production and safety technical data sheets available on site to the personnel in charge.

The removal operations first involve cleaning the ACM artefacts being treated, using a vacuum cleaner, and then proceeding with the low pressure nebulisation of specific encapsulating solutions depending on the type of material.

All removal activities are carried out manually, without the aid of cutting or drilling equipment, whether mechanical or electrical.

Our staff then carries out the cleaning and encapsulation operations on the fixing, or support, surfaces of the products. The waste produced is sealed in Big Bags approved and specific for the MCA.

At the end of the removal operations, further cleaning and a thorough inspection are carried out by B.Energy personnel, where requested jointly with the competent Health Authority, to prove the total elimination of ACM and therefore certify the successful remediation of the the area subject to intervention. The activity ends with the transfer to authorized disposal plants of all waste produced, i.e. waste containing asbestos and other (PPE used, etc.).

Loading, transport and delivery operations are carried out with duly authorized B.Energy vehicles.

Remediation and Removal of Friable Asbestos

The reclamation and removal operations of friable material containing asbestos are typically carried out on gaskets, boilers, insulation, flocking, fuses, panels, and in all parts where asbestos has been used in the past in order to obtain high resistance to stress thermal.

These activities are carried out using the Glove Bag technique, or through the installation of Dynamic Confinement systems.

For the latter, the activities are carried out by installing a confinement system made of polyethylene sheets, with a minimum thickness of 150 microns, and in particular by placing two sheets on the walls, ceiling and furnishings, and three on the ground. Suitable air extractors equipped with triple HEPA absolute filters are also used.

For the creation of the Glove Bag, however, although the legislation does not provide for it, a single layer of sheet is still installed for a greater guarantee of cleanliness and safety of the places involved.

The Glove Bag technique is typically used in the context of interventions on small surfaces and for small-sized artefacts, where it is possible to carry out removal operations in maximum safety. When the interventions relate to areas or buildings of greater surface area or volume, the installation of dynamic confinement systems is used.

B.Energy has the most advanced technologies to allow constant air extraction from the working environment, with computerized control of the depression within the dynamically confined volumes to avoid any dispersion phenomenon.

These activities are carried out, as per regulations, using equipment consisting of disposable clothing and full-face filtering masks, where necessary also with electro-ventilated masks.

The areas reclaimed from asbestos in friable matrix are returned to the Customer following environmental investigations carried out by accredited state bodies, such as Universities, Health Authorities or Regional Environmental Protection Agencies.

For all the activities described above, the related restoration activities of the removed parts and reclaimed places are also carried out.

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